DIY Travel Case Study

Sometimes, a cry for help on a social media platform is all it takes to get noticed. IV Creative founder, Jimmy IV, saw a friend’s post on Facebook asking for design help. His friend needed a logo to be made for her new Facebook page as a travel agent-a job she had just recently acquired.

After going back and forth with the client, learning the “why” driving her overall branding goals, pivotal research had to be done about the travel industry (specifically in the travel planning market segment). We found that when people think of travel agents, they correlate the agents with exotic destinations (you know the place. Where you can sit on the beach and sip mai tais with an umbrella in the drink and not have a care in the world).

Taking this consumer information, we packed as many things into her immediate brand image as we possibly could to help convey this agent-exotic destination correlation. Here is how the process went:

Crafting a square image for Facebook and profile headers, along with capturing the deep orange color silhouetting palm trees and a plane, we were able to create a nice online image for her brand.

The font and airplane make the main, stand alone logo, thus they convey the essence of the D.I.Y. Travel brand. The “D.I.Y.” font contains a rougher edge, conveying that you can “do it yourself,”  while the “travel” cursive font helps keep the luxury and exotic experience of travel.

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A Southern California kid, addicted to creativity, travel, photography, music, and surfing.

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