This or That? The Element of Design.

A lot goes into deciding what the final design solution should be for a project. Have you ever been to a store and noticed a lot of the “in” items have a similar vibe or design? There’s a reason for that – especially when considering the design element behind the item.

When analyzing designs, artwork will most likely come from different artists who all envisioned something similar, yet each artist slightly tweaked that image to suit their specific taste. An artist might go through one hundred variations (or more) of one design until they can narrow it down to the final few they like (then present to the client or their social media following). This poses the big question when deciding on that final art solution; which one to choose? This? Or that?

This is a problem that happens a lot in advertising agencies. Creative teams see things that they like, yet want to make them better – and make them to their own liking. This suddenly bounces into the realm of the whole trick behind designing: just because the designer liked it, does not mean that everyone (or anyone) else will.

To probe at this problem, IV Creative desingers released this image on social media, asking what the people preferred:


An overwhelming number of people selected the image on the left. The rational kept circling around to, “it just looks cool,” while the graphic on the right was too “dull.” Digging deeper, what makes the graphic on the left cooler than the graphic on the right? Is it the fact that the one on the left was designed with the emphasis of being digital while the other was designed for print (or as someone in favor of the graphic on the right suggested via question, “which one would look better on your bathroom wall?”)?

The decisions that go into graphic design elements go far beyond what words can explain and account for, but that is what makes graphic design such a unique craft. Why do artists do what they do? Why do they choose to go with this final rendering of a graphic over that one?  Especially if there is the large possibility that no one else will like it (or as an artist might argue, “get it”).

At IV Creative, we picture all of the possibilities of what a graphic could be, and select the best graphic for you. Just ask us for our best solution to your graphic needs. We will tell you why you should go with this one over that one. After we do that, your target audience will do the same. They will pick you over your competition – Your audience will say, “we want this one. Not that one.”

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