The Sky is Green.

One day a kindergarten class was tasked with painting their dream vacation. As the teacher walked around her classroom, she saw a beautiful array of tropical scenery filled with palm trees, sunshine and happy, stick-figure families. She was delighted with her student’s images – especially when she came across a student who had painted an island on a green background. Somewhat curious, the teacher asked the student why the background was green, to which the child replied, “my sky is green.” Chuckling to herself, the teacher asked, “why?” “Because it is,” the child remarked back, continuing to paint the dream vacation.

Too often people try to correct green skies to blue, killing creativity. My name is Jimmy McGrath IV, and I keep my skies green (or whatever color feels appropriate at the moment). This encourages and embraces creativity, allowing me to take your brand the extra mile. My main goal is to work toward strengthening a special relationship between your brand and consumer, while emphasizing on creativity working consistently at every point of contact. That is what keeps skies green and what IV Creative strives for.


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