Turning Darlings into a Crew

Recently I was tasked with the rebranding of UC Irvine Baseball’s fan/marketing group, the Diamond Darlings. The Diamond Darlings, traditionally comprised of baseball players’ girlfriends, would make the team pregame goodies and attend every home game – sometimes being the only real support the team had at games. Over the years, the group expanded itsContinue reading “Turning Darlings into a Crew”

Your “Book”

After working in the Hispanic advertising agency Gallegos United for six months as a freelance presentation designer, I discovered that one of the most important professional resume pieces is your “Book”. Every designer knows what your “Book” is. For my readers who are outside of the advertising world, your “Book” is your 30-second elevator pitchContinue reading “Your “Book””

Undertaking of a New Brand – Phase I

One of the toughest tasks an ad agency can deal with is developing and enforcing a brand voice. This task sounds simple at first, but can often turn into quite the daunting task-especially when the brand is new. This leads to the question: How does an agency promote a new brand from scratch? IV Creative’s newestContinue reading “Undertaking of a New Brand – Phase I”

This or That? The Element of Design.

A lot goes into deciding what the final design solution should be for a project. Have you ever been to a store and noticed a lot of the “in” items have a similar vibe or design? There’s a reason for that – especially when considering the design element behind the item. When analyzing designs, artwork willContinue reading “This or That? The Element of Design.”